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Welcome to Psychic Readings Karinna Love Readings®, your trusted destination for spiritual guidance in Katy, TX. We offer a wide range of services, including psychic readings, tarot readings, mediums readings, and spiritual cleansing, all aimed at bringing clarity, harmony, and balance into your life.

Psychic Readings in Katy, TX

In Katy, TX, our psychic readings help individuals discover unseen aspects of their lives, find purpose, and shape their futures. This spiritual consultation is not about predicting specific events; instead, it’s about providing a deeper understanding of your life’s course. If you’re feeling stuck, a psychic reading can be the push you need to break free.

The Process of Psychic Readings

During a psychic reading session, our spiritual advisor tunes into your energy field to perceive your past, present, and potential future. This intuitive process can reveal powerful insights about your relationships, career, health, and spiritual journey.

The Benefits of Psychic Readings

Through psychic readings, you can:

Gain clarity about personal life and relationships.
Understand past events and their impact on your current situation.
Get guidance to make informed decisions.
Achieve personal growth and self-discovery.

Tarot Readings in Katy, TX

Tarot readings are an excellent way to delve deeper into your subconscious and understand your innermost feelings. With each card drawn, a story is revealed, helping you piece together aspects of your life and see the bigger picture.

Tarot Reading: A Journey into the Unseen

A tarot reading involves shuffling a deck of 78 cards, each bearing symbolic images that reflect universal truths. The cards are drawn and their arrangement in a ‘spread’ will guide the narrative of your reading, offering insights into your current state and potential future.

Unleashing the Power of Tarot

Tarot cards serve as mirrors to your soul, revealing hidden aspects of yourself. They can help you:

  • Uncover underlying issues affecting your life.
  • Identify patterns and possibilities.
  • Gain spiritual guidance and wisdom.
  • Mediums Readings: Connecting with the Other Side
  • Mediums readings provide a bridge between the living and the departed. They bring comfort to those longing for closure or a final goodbye.

A Medium’s Unique Ability

A medium has the unique ability to perceive and communicate with spirits. They serve as a conduit, delivering messages from loved ones who have passed on.

The Healing Power of Mediums Readings

Mediums readings can help you:

  • Find closure and heal from grief.
  • Receive messages of love and reassurance from departed loved ones.
  • Understand the continuity of life beyond death.

Spiritual Advisors: Guiding Your Spiritual Journey

Our spiritual advisors in Katy, TX, help you navigate your spiritual path. They provide guidance on matters of the soul and can assist in spiritual cleansing, offering advice and support to foster spiritual growth.

Aiding Spiritual Awakening and Transformation
As guides in your spiritual journey, our advisors facilitate your spiritual awakening, helping you to understand and align with your higher purpose.

How Spiritual Advisors Support Your Journey

Through their support, you can:

  • Uncover your soul’s purpose and destiny.
  • Receive guidance for personal and spiritual development.
  • Enhance your connection with your inner self and the universe.

Spiritual Cleansing: Purifying Your Energy Field

Spiritual cleansing is about clearing negative energies from your life. It purifies your aura, creating a positive environment conducive to growth and happiness.

The Importance of Spiritual Cleansing

Over time, we accumulate negative energies. These can manifest as emotional burdens, creating a blockage in our energy fields. Spiritual cleansing aims to clear these blockages, restoring balance and harmony.

The Advantages of Spiritual Cleansing

With spiritual cleansing, you can:

Release negative energies and emotions.

Restore your energetic balance.
Revitalize your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Katy, TX – Our Spiritual Readings

Katy, TX, is more than just our location; it’s our spiritual reading. This vibrant city, rich in diversity and community spirit, is the perfect place to explore your spiritual journey. Our services are conveniently accessible to all local residents and visitors, and even those in surrounding areas, thanks to the efficient public transportation services in Katy, TX.

Getting Here: Katy, TX Public Transportation

Katy, TX, is well-served by local bus routes. The Route 222 Grand Parkway Park & Ride, operated by Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, provides regular services between central Katy and downtown Houston, making us easily accessible from all corners of the city and beyond.


What can I expect during a psychic reading?

During a psychic reading, you can expect to gain insights into your life, receive guidance for your future, and find answers to your questions. Every reading is a unique experience, tailored to the individual’s needs.

What should I do to prepare for a tarot reading?

Before a tarot reading, try to clear your mind and focus on the areas of your life you want insight into. It can be helpful to come with specific questions in mind.

Can a medium connect with a specific departed loved one?

While it’s possible, it isn’t guaranteed. The medium opens itself up to the spirit world, and any spirit may choose to come through.

What does a spiritual advisor do?

A spiritual advisor helps guide you on your spiritual journey, providing support, wisdom, and insights related to your personal and spiritual development.

What are the benefits of spiritual cleansing?

Spiritual cleansing can help clear negative energy, restore balance, release emotional burdens, and promote overall well-being.

How can I reach your location in Katy, TX?

Our location is easily accessible through public transportation. The Route 222 Grand Parkway Park & Ride offers convenient service between central Katy and downtown Houston.

Psychic Readings Karinna Love Readings® is proud to serve the community of Katy, TX, and surrounding areas. We’re committed to guiding you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

psychic readings katy tx

Karinna Spiritualist with 25 years experience

Unlock the Secrets of Your Life’s Journey with Psychic Readings by Karinna

Uncover the mysteries of your life and gain newfound clarity with Psychic Readings by Karinna. Experience the power of intuition and spiritual wisdom.

Psychic Readings by Karinna offer a deep and profound exploration into your life’s complexities and challenges. This service aims to empower you by providing clear insights into your personal journey.

Using a unique blend of intuition, spiritual wisdom, and 25 years of professional experience, Karinna illuminates the hidden influences in your life, helping you navigate through your personal and professional challenges with newfound clarity and confidence. Whether you’re grappling with relationship issues, career decisions, or seeking spiritual enlightenment, our Psychic Readings reveal insights and guide you toward a fulfilling path.

Each session is confidential and conducted in a safe, respectful, and understanding environment. Embrace the power of the unseen with Psychic Readings by Karinna and discover the potential for transformation and personal growth.”


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