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Karinna: A Multi-Faceted Businesswoman and Spiritualist with 25 years experience

Karinna Business Empire

Karinna, an entrepreneur with a unique spiritual prowess, has blazed an impressive trail in her chosen fields. As the founder of several successful companies, she is not just a businesswoman but also a spiritual guide who has developed her innate qualities to help individuals and organizations. Below, we dive deeper into the details of her ventures and spiritual pursuits.

Psychic Readings Karinna

“Psychic Readings Karinna” is one of the most sought-after services for English-speaking clients globally. This business offers psychic readings that help people gain clarity about their past, present, and future. As a psychic, Karinna has a rare talent for intuitively connecting with individuals, guiding them on their journey and helping them navigate life’s challenges.

Karinna Tarot

With “Karinna Tarot”, she has harnessed her intuition and tarot expertise to provide accurate readings. These services aim to empower individuals with insights and guidance, allowing them to make informed decisions about their lives. Her adept understanding of the tarot’s symbolism and storytelling power helps her clients achieve a deeper understanding of their personal narratives.

Tarot Card Reading Houston, Texas
Under her brand “Card Reading Lectura de Cartas”, Karinna offers her specialized services to the residents of Houston, Texas, and beyond. Whether it’s through tarot cards or simple letter readings, Karinna provides insightful guidance to those seeking answers.

Karinna’s Spiritual Journey

A Youtuber and spiritual leader, Karinna’s journey has been unique and awe-inspiring. She has embraced Cuban Santeria, where she has been consecrated as a Santera. Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion that originated in Cuba, is a syncretic practice combining elements of West African Yoruba religion with Roman Catholicism. As a Santera, Karinna serves as a bridge between the divine and the mortal world, offering guidance and wisdom to those in her community.

Adding to her spiritual credentials, Karinna is also a skilled Medium Spiritist. Her extraordinary abilities enable her to communicate with spirits, which has particularly helped organizations locate their lost pets. This remarkable service reflects her deep compassion for all living beings and her dedication to utilizing her skills to bring relief and comfort.

In her roles as an entrepreneur, spiritual guide, psychic, and medium, Karinna is a unique figure who successfully combines business acumen with spiritual sensitivity. Her work touches many lives, offering insights, comfort, and guidance to those who seek her help.

Whether you’re looking for psychic insight, spiritual guidance, or help finding a lost pet, Karinna’s range of services are there to provide assistance. Her dynamic personality, coupled with her in-depth understanding of the spiritual realm, makes her an influential figure in her field.


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